Wal-Mart. Save Money. Live better?

I know a lot of people loathe Wal Mart and I'm not here to pick sides either, I mean sure they're everywhere and they are starting to provide many services like phone services and now Ticketmaster and it looks like they are gonna take over soon if nobody does anything about it.

Anyway aside from all that, I was clocking just yesterday when something caught my eye. There was a strange message on the screen of the TV in the hallway leading to the sales-floor.
So, I look around at this point after blatantly taking a picture and decided to ask someone about it. As usual nobody seemed to know or care what the image on the television had. Then I too stopped caring about the picture, and went about my business. Later on I noticed some of the managers trying to get the store in shape because corporate was coming; it all seemed like a coincidence. Today there was yet another picture on the same screen, this is really starting to get my attention now because these sound like very bad things.

So no I am here thinking, "What the hell?". This sounds like they are telling us that they are gonna take our money from right under my noses, still it's best not to jump to conclusions. It's best for me to see what they have up tomorrow.


  1. I would definitely check in your contract/employee handbook & see what's up with that $5 fee. I had a job as a student at the university, & had 15% (yeah, PERCENT) of each paycheck deducted & put into a government-controlled retirement fun. I got it back after I quit though, which was a nice chunk of change.

  2. That certainly looks suspicious.

  3. Looks like their system has been hacked? I can't think of any other reason for such a weird message. Interesting that McAfee is flashing up as well.

  4. Walmart is becoming self-aware

  5. interesting and suspicious ... great blog +