Oh the summer boredom

Sometimes, I just really don't like the summer. School's out and all the annoying kids in your neighborhood run around freely just begging to get hit by a car. Then there is no comfortable place to go; you could go to a park and get burned or get a heatstroke- or you can go see a movie, but there are so many annoying kids yelling in the theater and cell phones going off.

So, how does one spend the summer?

Sometimes on days like this it's better to sit at home and get really nostalgic, not only does it help pass the time, but you usually find something to do afterwards (not only that, but bringing up an old show, song or movie usually get's people talking at parties).

So I guess this is how I am gonna try and spend my time this summer, watching some old Home Improvement episodes. AL BORLAND! NAME THAT WOOD!


  1. Ah, Tim Allen. He's totally cool.

  2. Can't believe they made a video game about the show...

  3. I spend my summer playing videogames, what else am I going to do.. go outside?