Stressful month

As stressful as probation has been life still has more surprises to offer. Long story short I haven't been able to type because I was robbed at gunpoint so I've been using my time to replace what was stolen which was mainly my ID, social ect.

Not that they took anything really valuable, just my MP3 player, and I suppose my phone which was in really bad condition (it wouldn't hold a charge for over 2 hours).

Anyway, I can't be upset; not when I made it out alive! All that stuff reminds me of all them gangsta movies, but not just any gangsta movies. I like the movies where the teacher has something to show to those weapon wielding punks.

The Substitute focuses on a mercenary whom is presumably dead after a mission in Cuba, who then takes on the role of a substitute after his girlfriend is attacked by gang members.

I don't think anybody would mess with a teacher like that; just take a look at this scene:


I don't know why every person in a gang thinks they are something better than someone else, the reality is simple; you will either end up in prison your whole life or dead.

Nobody knew this better than Trevor Garfield (played by Samuel L Jackson) in the movie One Eight Seven.

The plot surrounds a teacher who is stabbed brutally by a student in a hallway. He then goes to a school in California to teach and try to help more troubled students get their life together, his life changes when he realizes that he has to play the gangsters game in order to teach them a lesson.


The point of this wasn't to show anybody how gangsta you can be, anybody can be a coward and point a gun (or any weapon for that matter) at anybody, but just remember that lifestyle will catch up to you eventually; and it may not be you that gets hurt- but those you hold dear.