The energy crisis

I finally got some sleep last night after 3 consecutive days of partying and doing full shifts at work and filling in for the those that didn't bother to show up. Yeah I was up the whole time

The last days have been so exhausting. I've been doing drugs too, music is my drug.

No, but seriously I've been using music as my medium to stay awake; not just because I enjoy music (like everyone else), but because this is the only way I can have some control over my brainwave patterns (iDosing does not work for me).

The sounds produced by One Day as a Lion have provided me with what I considered to be a legal stimulant- the entire ep is good and the songs are a decent length.

Here's a little rating on the ep:

Great music preformed by Zack de la Rocha and Jon Theodore
Songs are a decent length, not too long nor too short
The sound is aggressive and energetic

It sounds a lot like Rage Against the Machine

Finally the negative, as  great as the album is the only bad thing I can pick out is that the ep is only 5 songs long.

In the end it's really music worth actually owning. It makes me wanna stay awake, it's great for giving you the confidence to finish even the most daunting of tasks that have to be done.

Here's the link to their web site.


  1. wow this is a truly great blog.
    Im following!

  2. Interesting read. I'll check out One Day As a Lion, they seem pretty good.

  3. what are you listen when you have hangover ?

  4. Very interesting. That EP is amazing.
    Yeah I've heard a lot about I-Doser but nothing ever happened when I tried them, think they are just a gimmick.

  5. Nothing wrong with RATM. At least I can listen to these guys since RATM broke up

  6. Who knows what to do. It's all a giant clusterfuck.