Public Service announcement

Its been so busy lately that it's starting to cut into my party time.

Since I've had no time to party I may as well talk about drinking and driving.


I know the penalties are lower in other states, but being caught drinking and driving is awful. You'll have to go to jail for a few days, and to to court appointed meetings all the time.

Luckily, this county lets me keep it off my record assuming that I pass this year long ordeal of probation, and alcohol classes.

I was gonna post a picture of my breathalyzer, but the server isn't letting me...

Here's a little rundown if you want to keep a DWI off your record in select counties in TX:

Get a lawyer

Get monitoring equipment to make sure you are not consuming any controlled substances or alcohol; There's 3 options here as well. You can get a SCRAM; which is an ankle monitor that monitors your location and your sweat for the presence of any controlled substances and alcohol 24/7 or, either a breathalyzer with a camera on either your car or your person. This has to be serviced twice a month and you pay once a month for recalibration.

Attain a state offenders card

Attend Divert (this is the name of the program that will keep a DWI off your record) Orientation

Attend Divert Class

Attend "Alive at 25" (if your offense happened before the age of 25, which was my case)

Take a literacy exam

Take an alcoholism evaluation and attend AA if shown to have high potential of substance abuse (not my case)

Urinalysis testing

Paying your probation officer.

To top it all off those are ONLY the monetary restrictions. As far as my calculations go this DWI is going to cost $6000 to keep off my record.

Also NEVER assume that just because you don't feel a buzz that you are not legally intoxicated, in my case I had 2 beers. I was driving fine, but I was caught in a speed trap. I passed my motor skills test, but I failed the breathalyzer.


  1. dont drink and drive kids. its never worth it

  2. I'm amazed how many people drink and drive. Either plan someone else driving or don't get wasted. It seems pretty simple

  3. Not something I plan on doing.

  4. Really too much of a hassle for just waiting it out a bit.

  5. i never drink and drive...promise...

  6. and buzzed driving is just as bad

  7. Wow, it's surprising to me how easy it is to get out of a DWI. Is this a first time offence only thing?

  8. I just don;t drive at all. Have you seen gas prices? How much is car insurance? Tags for your car? Screw that -- Shoelace Express for me or Public transit.

  9. Don't drink and drive, you might spill the drink

  10. Don't drink and drive... it's dangerous :<

  11. It's not a good idea to drink and do anything involving vehicles

  12. nice advice dude, better stop driving!

  13. That sucks you got a DUI, but some lessons have to be learned the hard way, I guess. Just don't repeat it!

  14. Yeah drinking and driving is just too risky, its not even worth it, here in New York if you get caught you get your car impounded at auction and you have to spend jail time, as well get it on your permanent record.

  15. Agreed: never drink and drive. It might save you lot of trouble. And even your life and precious health.