Dear lawd

It's been super busy today. Drove my friend to the airport and she left me the key to her place... Hell yeah, I'm getting lucky, but not in the "bom-chika -wow wow" kind of way, I gotta clean up her cat crap and feed them for about 2 weeks.

Yeah I got my breathalyzer re-calibrated (I'm not supposed to drink, court order) which sucks, but now I go in in two months instead of two weeks to get it calibrated. Only 11 months to go!!

Now that all that's out of the way I guess I could uhhh, damn I don't know what t do. OOOOOH... Nah nevermind, I thought I had a good idea, but I guess not. Oh well, I'll randomly do something and then I'll be bound to end up with something to do right?


  1. 11 months is a long time... good luck bro.

  2. That not aloud to drink thing sucks man.

  3. Oh sweet lol. I hate cleaning up after cats...

  4. sounds painful =( glad you getting it off soon

  5. eleventy months?? :(
    sorry dude.