Haven't slept well in I don't know how long. Really wanted to sleep in today because I work late in the afternoon, but I had to get up early to hide my friend's cats since her lease doesn't allow animals in the apartments. Thing is I got up  and then I wasted two hours online doing nothing.

This gauze on my hand is really annoying because I can't type with it on, unfortunately taking it off has become a problem because the gauze is now stuck to my skin.

Well, you know it's Wednesday. The weekend is just around the corner, so I'm looking forward to the next party; also the next (legal) intoxicant due to the fact I cannot drink.

Speaking of which, I don't know why people hate on Texas so much. It has just about everything. I really like living here, even though I disagree with much of the local government here. That wasn't the point though. What I was really gonna do was enlighten/inform about Texas. This, is probably going to be the ONLY thing that both annoys me and you should be weary of in Texas.

The laws here are soooooo strict. There's a saying here: "Don't mess with Texas".

Now here's my advice: If you are gonna mess with Texas, be sure not to get caught and have someone bail you out of either jail or any other trouble you  may have.

You will lose a lot of the privileges you take for granted.

Anyway, it's best I tend to those cats. I'll leave a picture of my old party days as something to look forward to.

Btw; that's my friend, Victor. You can't tell by just looking, but he is blacked out and unconscious. There is more pictures, but I can't post them because his pants are not on, and the rest of the clothing he has on is just drawn on and you can see his anatomy.

I spent an additional 45 minutes, trying to find another suitable picture. I don't remember taking this picture. Giovanni (left) John (right). This was taken in Austin during SXSW around 10 in the morning, and we were already blacked out. I don't know how Giovanni's pants fell, but according to the exif data in the pictures he was lying down with his pants off for about 7 or 8 minutes. This was also the limo entrance to a really nice hotel. Nobody knows how John's finger ended up like that, but when I regained consciousness he was bleeding for another hour.

Anyway... cats...


  1. haha, hiding cats. Entertaining post.

  2. Great blog! Enjoyable read!

  3. SXSW must have been wild...

  4. How do you hide a cat? Or several cats? My only idea was to put some food in the bathtub & draw the curtain. Following!

  5. Kind of scared of Texas actually :P

  6. Hmmmm, the guy in the bra is interesting.